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    Apart from the "proscription lists" that can touch prominent, the rest of the population, a significant expects the so-called "normalization", close my opinion, normalization of the Czech Republic after year 68 .Of course with completely different pozycji.Tak as at that time, will also include a free people. who will create such a "Charter 2023" expecting victory.

    I have the impression that these tribal wars we are completely exotic to the outside world and completely uninteresting.

    The accumulation of global crises, you know what, do not produce because impulse awansującego geopolitical position of the country shifted from "crumple zones"

    Empire definitively zone Good and even does not rule out move to a different zone Empire in exchange for Iran, for example, shift to a zone ID.

    Bredzę.Ale just a little bit.

    Do not get excited seriousness or the expiry of the national war plemiennej.Raczej I think the Fourth Republic have time again spóżniła.Nie develop language wings. This need to reject everything that the other parties are proposing, because only we know how to arrange this country is a result of that, I think, that we do not learn to work in schools (tests to check) or at work. I see in organizations, people care only about this, that they have not assigned blame for something. The Darwinian struggle for survival without empathy for colleagues. Only in the family can still count on the collaboration, well then you know how the PSL and nepotism.

    You can not see on the horizon any matter on which a cross-party consensus would be possible. In parts of the most important is the ability to win the rhetorical dispute that "I was on top". Invalid style, and the ultimate impact on the state. Do you see that everything can still have some residual respect for politicians?

    I watch political discussions in other TV (BBC, ARD) and do not see such a memorable and such an ignore / insult / ridicule opponent. It's something like a cult where you can only fully accept the terms set by the leader, or leave. (1. "There will have no other gods before me").

    In terms of internal in shipments (at least some) a kind of dictatorship / cult (at the end of the boss keeps the money and decides about the letters), and the democratically voters decide only that "dictator" wants most. I see it in black

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