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    Merkel, Hollande Gauck is already so imbued political correctness that does not recognize the views of the citizens of their countries. For them, who does not like the rightist immigrant, skinhead and inheritor Goebbels as chancellor said visiting a refugee center. Only that, apart hundreds and hundreds of skinheads who welcome immigrants with bread and salt are tens of millions of people who look with concern at what is happening to their Europe. Europe is rich and safe not because the Europeans want, as demonstrators in Tunisia and Egypt, where it seemed that Islamic spring immediately bring prosperity, but became so after hundreds of years of hard work. It's time. A safe is also because the civilized his church.

    So you are right. We do not want thousands of immigrants who open factories children on a pot of Europeans and later hundreds of mosques.

    I do not know if you noticed, that Europe did not come any refugee from Syria. They arrive from Turkey, a Muslim country, where none of them could be exposed to view indecently dressed women. A flow even to Europe, but to Germany, because, as I heard on TV saying refugees from the train station in Budapest, "they just want to drive to Germany, because that's where'll get the better benefits". And that will be the compulsory division. Each of the Polish Republic, Hungary or Slovakia right back to Germany or Sweden.

    The ill-fated truck was 8 women, 4 children and 59 men. Such ratios are the norm on pontoons. Can we also provide them with a European wife. No sex, indeed, is painful.

    So we should do the Australian clothes - pick up, give food and water supplies and blow up on the beaches of Libya and Turkey.

    But it seems to me that you think Europe, because it is rich should take half of Africa and the Middle East, circa 800 million people. Unfortunately, we have reached a time that you should be ashamed of rational things. Most of the countries with the opinion of the oases of prosperity, high socjalu, free housing, etc. Is beginning to have problems with excessive government deficit and the announcement to assist immigrants born native citizens rage generating increased popularity of nationalist movements. Just look like Bravik is a national hero in Norway and beyond. The reason for this is globalization taking a job that contributes to the reduction of budget revenues, which is the social should be financed. It is no coincidence goal of migration are the rich countries of the old EU, and those already pulled residues forces to meet the statutory obligations in relation to indigenous citizens. Hence such, and no other attitude towards immigrants.

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