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    Congratulates one of the very few, deep analysis of our attitude to the problem of refugees. A few days ago I wrote to Gazeta Wyborcza comment exactly the same content, but not printed. I suppose in spite of serious human approach to refugees GW is too engagement marketing action Polish soldier in Karbala, which can be in its broader pronunciation compares to act on the island of Santo Domingo (now the Dominican Republic). Then, in the early nineteenth century by order of Napoleon tłumiliśmy rebellions of slaves. Despite this, many Poles (unlike the French) were allowed to stay and settle on the island - it was the gesture for decent behavior and not taking part in the massacres. Then Poland was not independent and the army had to obey orders issued in Paris. For the senseless and voluntary participation in the war in Iraq one of us settled and even attempted to do this, despite the fact that this scandal did not gave us any benefits and only contributed to the perception of Polish as a tool for shortsighted US policy and reduce the loan sympathy what we had on stage international. Nobody did, "mea culpa" for the introduction of psychosis carbide (Anthrax) where Saddam Hussein was hit Europe in 2002. Fruits of the war in Iraq and the Arab Spring are right now mature and Europe has a special reason to accept refugees from countries in which these two events affected. we are bound by the Geneva Convention to accept the refugees, we also dealt with issues of work and residence for foreigners (this year Poland will 500tys gave work permits to migrant workers). Parishes and local communities also report voluntarily willingness to accept refugees.

    The work of journalists is to identify the profile of refugees, the capacity of our communities to adopt them, how to seal the borders, the proposed changes in immigration policy and inform it of its readers. Instead

    The real problems are omitted in silence: tens of thousands of people breaking our laws fall on our territory without visas and required documents and authorities and EU officials to enforce existing laws instead prefer to teach (and sometimes threaten) their own communities. I think that is another important element in the process of alienation


    We are witnessing interesting the way propaganda war, the most comprehensive to date expression gave yesterday in "Die Welt" prof. Gross, abusing the Poles as no one ever have dared. We begin to have a worse press than IS.

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