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    ,, But colonialism ended in XIX century, changed only the face, but continues today! "Very good point - Poland will of ruling the country since 1989 has also been harnessed to postcolonial car, taking her belonging place a horse (for a total workhorse - but the ox did not fit into the car). Just as it has been since the middle of the XVI century, when we were suppliers of goods simple, but require huge amounts of labor? Does this mean that we have the moral right to kill the maximum number of Germans for example. Berlin metro? Because Germany is the main colonizer (there are even some who clearly talking about ,, condominium "... he, he.)? Is it because France is sucking capital out of our country (and does so at power), we have the right to liquidate up to a large randomly selected group of Frenchmen? Is it because they negatively judge the US policy of slaughter I first encountered American? I thought that speech ,, D. Cameron of Poles benefits Phishing "is racist insult - or should kill any number of Englishmen to repay him ,, humiliation"? But Islamism was and is jaknajbardziej directed against local rulers. Born in Egypt, he fought with sekularnymi governments Nasser took power after bakructwie (economic and political) and was aimed at the seizure of power and to introduce some version of the system based on Islam, but a whole lot smoother than the latest versions served by IS. This is only bin Laden, after the experiences of Afghan and successes supported and financed by the United States Mubarak in the extermination of Islamists (better not to ask what methods) first radicalized to reaching the writings of Ibn Tammiyi and jurisprudence Hanbalitów (version Wahhabi), and secondly he began to preach the need for " cut off the serpent's head "that the US, instead of tails - Middle East tyrants on the American leash. If I were spiskologiem I would be convinced that Washington performs his plans - overthrowing Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad.

    So match - a revolt against the rulers and their sponsors and making systemic upheaval.


    It was about the Nazis murdered MAXIMUM (preferably all) Jews and Roma. Then in the queue for steel depletion of the Slavs. In that Islamists they are similar to the Nazis: they is not about killing soldiers ,, Frankish "(which would be rational and sensible) - the terms of murder in a maximum of spectacular up large, randomly selected group of people - the non-Muslims.

    Not really. The Nazis were genocide ideology. Islamists. Yes, they kill in a spectacular, dramatic and provocative way up, but it is a means to intimidate both opponents and subjects, and not an end like a Nazi. I would recommend http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/15/terrorists-isis

    Naming Islamism "Islamofascism" is nonsense propaganda aimed at first to cure spinal moral western społeczeńst, second demonization of the enemy, thirdly, convinced voters that they can not concede one iota, and that the ills of the blame Islamists can not be addressed in any other way except bombs.

    Is it because they negatively judge the US policy of slaughter I first encountered American?

    It depends on the chipset. Poles do not abstain from terrorism in the Russian zone in the years 1864 - 1914, szlachtując quite a few Russians, as well as in the years 1939-1945.

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