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    Turkey - a total of a poor country, adopted a few million refugees. Poland, whose citizens were repeatedly supported, both those who were economic refugees and those who have emigrated for economic reasons can accept 2,000 people. The same - but different, however, probably, Poland, accepted 16,000 emigrants Greek communists who fled after the civil war. This group stayed under the age of 70, when most went back to Greece. I grew up with these people and it was really great to be action, these people grew up in this society and completely assimilated.

    The current arguments, arouse deep disgust, even if it determines the belief that it wants the audience. In this particular case our political oszołomy of all sorts are unique match. New God's Chosen One tells a complete nonsense of the millions of Ukrainians who have been granted supposed to help. They forget that they carry the weight of poorly paid jobs with frequent - though it is not a rule degrading treatment. I saw the arrogant way in which it treats our  border guards. Politicians wipe his mouth the Lord God, and odkurzają empty phrases about solidarity, but in the realm of facts boils down to the password fooled with this Brussels as much as possible, but it's best not to give anything in return. Please jump to Budapest to the station and hug a few to each other. We here in Poland, we have our chwilówki online problems and plenty of their own poverty, I would sooner said it was a shame for Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, dripping with gold, the United Arab Emirates or Qatar, where they do not know what money do - to them refugees from Syria to close , to profess the same religion.

    Not that I was insensitive because I am sorry that these people have hard, but somewhere you have to draw the line to help strangers because he knows you, that could also help hundreds of millions of extremely poor people in Africa, probably some one billion Hindus and a half billion Chinese people - they all have very hard.

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