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    Despite rational arguments and out of similar circumstances (role of colonialism, neokolonialzm, though here I believe that much exaggerated, the effects of the creation of Israel, the devastating impact of the invasion of Iraq in 2003) finally come to completely different conclusions.

    You write: Islamism (Wahhabism, Salafism) is a revolution. The problem is that usually the revolution lies at the root of diagnosis: guilty misery is the king or his advisers, the bourgeoisie or ,, leftists "and according to these conclusions revolutionaries attempt (often physical) liquidation selected, which are considered harmful to groups of people. It is usually is a certain group of people. So much theory. Usually it degenerates into a mass murder like. Bolshevik Revolution. The only revolution, which in my opinion is connectivity described by you ,, Islamic revolution "is the National Socialist revolution in Germany. Its goal after liquidation ,, ",, traditional" (acc. Wzmiankowanej my diagnosis) was the extermination of enemies to the maximum extent other people. It was about the Nazis murdered MAXIMUM (preferably all) Jews and Roma. Then in the queue for steel depletion of the Slavs. In that Islamists are similar to the Nazis: they is not about killing soldiers ,, Frankish "(which would be rational and sensible) - the terms of murder in a maximum of spectacular up large, randomly selected group of people - the non-Muslims. And just like Nazism (Unlike the Bolsheviks, who, however, had a positive purpose ,, "- ,, creating a fair system," etc. cliches) Islamism is nihilism. He does not offer (unlike for example. Bolshevism) any real purpose. It has to implement, disturbed. irrational goals, phantasmagoria ,, pure Islam, "as he professed by you emphasize group of people (what else push 99% of Muslims are peace-loving people). Like Weltanschaung the NSDAP was only a reflection of the artistic and racist phantasmagoria Hitler. The question arises: how are we to defend themselves? Before Hitler, it was necessary to defend killing a lot of Germans - and also those of 99% ,, peace-loving ".

    The question is whether aid to these people (refugees ,, "), often hostile to our values ​​or total negującym it is worth the freedom WHICH WE WE ARE THE depriving. Is it because of your proverbial ,, 1%" (the bad guys - ,, revolutionaries'), we have to settle for surveillance of, monitoring, etc. Even the security procedures at airports are annoying enough. What's next: checks at train stations? subway stations? Bus stops? It can control every ,, olive guy, "but it will be racism, after all? If it has to be - I thank you for those ,, 99% "good - I prefer that they did not exist in Europe.

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