• methodology

    This methodology is called ,, pedagogy of shame "(one of its main ,, priests" JT Gross, whose disgusting remarks made to a German newspaper revealed yesterday GW). ,, We should accept them 'cause ... They deserve because ...

    As well we should be careful (and there are plenty of those in our country), that ,, we should be "from Germany and Austria and Russia for the occupation and destruction of war from Britain and France and the United States for treason in 1939 and 1945. The theory of guilt - because that colonial powers have created this problem - the artificial states in the Middle East (and in Africa) are quite well on the left side of the political spectrum. Just like ,, theory humiliation "of the Muslim world by Europeans. Both are quite ably exploited by the Islamic world. And what these countries have done to improve your status? What did to break its limitations? Nothing. Those who are fortunate enough to have oil money from the Middle Ages conserve at home (that's yet to be a claim as a finished oil), those who do not have it hold a grudge against the world. Symptomatic is the fate of Palestinians expelled by the Israelis in Palestine - in any country of settlement should not be made despite the 50? 60 years reside ,, his "everywhere they are strangers. I'm afraid that the Arabs (?) Muslims (?) Have problems of adaptation to the present. And it is possible a different approach - China experienced the humiliation and it is quite unique in history - a giant, extremely rich country, over the centuries which may be synonymous with progress was ransacked, incapacitated and flooded drugs by Europeans. The Chinese, however, have decided to erase this humiliation after the development work. They do not sit, do not talk ,, we should be. "

    That's right - we took voluntary participation in the aggression on Iraq. But what did ,, enlightened "media at the time? Sometime in the good old days when archives were free policy could be checked as such. The Lord wrote on the subject. Is he shouted Mr. ,, Leszek Aleksander Kwasniewski Milerze and do not go that way. " Usually, the dominant view ,, may neo-imperialist expedition but this is a chance for a better Middle East "Like ,, enlightened" media enjoyed that Arab tyrants fall. So far fragile sukcesik be declared in Tunisia because in Egypt uniformed company had to take his face. And Libya, Yemen or Syria? I've heard a lot about Syryjczykach, Erytrejczykach, fugitives from Libya, or even Albania. But Iraqis do not remember.

    I read about the war in Syria, where Kurds take part, the Government, Rebels and ISIS.

    I read about Libya, where rebels took part, Gaddafi's forces, and if I remember correctly France.

    But the fact is accept some of the responsibility.

    Exactly approximately: 180/295180

    This share was Polish troops in this war. Approximately 0.0006% of all troops.

    This will give us some 74 immigrants.

    (I take into account only the multiplicity of forces, as anyone has yet effectiveness is welcome)

    And now a little more seriously: There are plenty of arguments against accepting immigrants, such as security of citizens. Referring to one of them and it selectively allows us to not only understand nothing obscures even more difficult matter. It is sad that so few people approach this responsibly According to Mr. theory most societies over the borders of Europe should be sent back to the US because they were the main Devastator fragile governance of the Middle East. But there's the social miserable ...

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