• FBI-apple

    Islamist and his wife made a massacre in San Bernardino. Apple refuses to defend the rights of its clients. At stake in this test of power is something more than the result of the investigation. Each entry is to break as it is close to an infinite number of attempts. The trick is that to solve the data is destroyed after a nine-failure to enter a password. And so this is a system of almost 100% -wo safe also against the manufacturer. I do not understand completely what these grievances. Nowhere is no clear definition, let alone the laws that determine whether journalism is what it should be, what should not, and what can not. Texts (may be neutral, can be a pro, they may be against it, may be flattering, may be malignant, and so on. And so they are.

    Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania apple

    In principle, however, there is a fairly strict definition of the word "insult" and do not see the connection of this definition with the statement in the text called "open confrontation Apple and image will gain more." Of course, this is not a flattering opinion about the morality of the company, but first, the morality in business is a contradiction, on the other hand, there are few companies the size of Apple, which so admirably mastered the art of "shaving" of their followers (yes, deliberately selected unflattering word although I do not think that it was an "insult"). Apple's goals and has a great sense of what it pays. Part of this sense is the recent decision on this unfortunate phone. By the way, they found themselves in an interesting, though highly risky situation. They lift up with "their" government, in addition to the government of the most powerful (for now) country in the world, and no government does not like. And as he does not like it ... things can come up with (PiS government is no exception, for it;). Eg. A more strictly enforce tax laws, environmental, import ... stick always find - and it could cost the company billions. And all dlatgo (now would be "an insult") that the company is very, very consciously taken this decision, sensing a rat and including the CHIC STYLE - "anti-establishment", anti-spy, any-violation-privacy, etc. Of course, it all kind of such anti beginning and ending at MASS aCTION - on fejsbuku, so the establishment can sleep peacefully, the times when the action on fejsbuku did wonders and lead to solutions to escape room problems that "could not be solved" - gone. No, but it does not matter are the facts, it is important to the perception of users who feel invigorating Telling rebellion, and supports them after their Elder Brother - Apple. I'm curious (attention, cynicism), if the company is to pay, ie. The wave and anti-high, and will erode very quickly. For now, Apple is increasing and on it goes, to the satisfaction of investors. Nb, it was also an insult at the company, but only from the point of view of morality, because from the point of view of investors, Apple should be applauded, if not cheers.

    Create any gates deprives the entire solution meaning and quintessential stock.

    I personally think that the manufacturer was right, and I'm on his side. And the fact that some services require the manufacturer to leave the security systems of any holes indicates the worst of these services and the progress in the development of civilization Orwellian.

    The first is the slogan that makes me less interested

    The second is the unpleasant, denunciatory tone and insinuating article.

    Is journalism is based on information or on throwing insults

    that "open confrontation Apple and image gain more."

    Apple could have, maybe not right but is it a reason to discredit a public company? Apple does not hate but it's my business. Forgive me, but it's hard for nuances when you have 5 lines to write.

    I want and I must point out that long passed me the desire to show his worth at the expense of malice against writers. If I criticize it means that I require from you more. I care more on the quality of journalism and not showing who knows better and adventures. Keep your level and do not be reduced to normal today.

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