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    ,, But colonialism ended in XIX century, changed only the face, but continues today! "Very good point - Poland will of ruling the country since 1989 has also been harnessed to postcolonial car, taking her belonging place a horse (for a total workhorse - but the ox did not fit into the car). Just as it has been since the middle of the XVI century, when we were suppliers of goods simple, but require huge amounts of labor? Does this mean that we have the moral right to kill the maximum number of Germans for example. Berlin metro? Because Germany is the main colonizer (there are even some who clearly talking about ,, condominium "... he, he.)? Is it because France is sucking capital out of our country (and does so at power), we have the right to liquidate up to a large randomly selected group of Frenchmen? Is it because they negatively judge the US policy of slaughter I first encountered American? I thought that speech ,, D. Cameron of Poles benefits Phishing "is racist insult - or should kill any number of Englishmen to repay him ,, humiliation"? But Islamism was and is jaknajbardziej directed against local rulers. Born in Egypt, he fought with sekularnymi governments Nasser took power after bakructwie (economic and political) and was aimed at the seizure of power and to introduce some version of the system based on Islam, but a whole lot smoother than the latest versions served by IS. This is only bin Laden, after the experiences of Afghan and successes supported and financed by the United States Mubarak in the extermination of Islamists (better not to ask what methods) first radicalized to reaching the writings of Ibn Tammiyi and jurisprudence Hanbalitów (version Wahhabi), and secondly he began to preach the need for " cut off the serpent's head "that the US, instead of tails - Middle East tyrants on the American leash. If I were spiskologiem I would be convinced that Washington performs his plans - overthrowing Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad.

    So match - a revolt against the rulers and their sponsors and making systemic upheaval.


    It was about the Nazis murdered MAXIMUM (preferably all) Jews and Roma. Then in the queue for steel depletion of the Slavs. In that Islamists they are similar to the Nazis: they is not about killing soldiers ,, Frankish "(which would be rational and sensible) - the terms of murder in a maximum of spectacular up large, randomly selected group of people - the non-Muslims.

    Not really. The Nazis were genocide ideology. Islamists. Yes, they kill in a spectacular, dramatic and provocative way up, but it is a means to intimidate both opponents and subjects, and not an end like a Nazi. I would recommend http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/15/terrorists-isis

    Naming Islamism "Islamofascism" is nonsense propaganda aimed at first to cure spinal moral western społeczeńst, second demonization of the enemy, thirdly, convinced voters that they can not concede one iota, and that the ills of the blame Islamists can not be addressed in any other way except bombs.

    Is it because they negatively judge the US policy of slaughter I first encountered American?

    It depends on the chipset. Poles do not abstain from terrorism in the Russian zone in the years 1864 - 1914, szlachtując quite a few Russians, as well as in the years 1939-1945.

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  • Despite rational arguments and out of similar circumstances (role of colonialism, neokolonialzm, though here I believe that much exaggerated, the effects of the creation of Israel, the devastating impact of the invasion of Iraq in 2003) finally come to completely different conclusions.

    You write: Islamism (Wahhabism, Salafism) is a revolution. The problem is that usually the revolution lies at the root of diagnosis: guilty misery is the king or his advisers, the bourgeoisie or ,, leftists "and according to these conclusions revolutionaries attempt (often physical) liquidation selected, which are considered harmful to groups of people. It is usually is a certain group of people. So much theory. Usually it degenerates into a mass murder like. Bolshevik Revolution. The only revolution, which in my opinion is connectivity described by you ,, Islamic revolution "is the National Socialist revolution in Germany. Its goal after liquidation ,, ",, traditional" (acc. Wzmiankowanej my diagnosis) was the extermination of enemies to the maximum extent other people. It was about the Nazis murdered MAXIMUM (preferably all) Jews and Roma. Then in the queue for steel depletion of the Slavs. In that Islamists are similar to the Nazis: they is not about killing soldiers ,, Frankish "(which would be rational and sensible) - the terms of murder in a maximum of spectacular up large, randomly selected group of people - the non-Muslims. And just like Nazism (Unlike the Bolsheviks, who, however, had a positive purpose ,, "- ,, creating a fair system," etc. cliches) Islamism is nihilism. He does not offer (unlike for example. Bolshevism) any real purpose. It has to implement, disturbed. irrational goals, phantasmagoria ,, pure Islam, "as he professed by you emphasize group of people (what else push 99% of Muslims are peace-loving people). Like Weltanschaung the NSDAP was only a reflection of the artistic and racist phantasmagoria Hitler. The question arises: how are we to defend themselves? Before Hitler, it was necessary to defend killing a lot of Germans - and also those of 99% ,, peace-loving ".

    The question is whether aid to these people (refugees ,, "), often hostile to our values ​​or total negującym it is worth the freedom WHICH WE WE ARE THE depriving. Is it because of your proverbial ,, 1%" (the bad guys - ,, revolutionaries'), we have to settle for surveillance of, monitoring, etc. Even the security procedures at airports are annoying enough. What's next: checks at train stations? subway stations? Bus stops? It can control every ,, olive guy, "but it will be racism, after all? If it has to be - I thank you for those ,, 99% "good - I prefer that they did not exist in Europe.

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  • Apart from the "proscription lists" that can touch prominent, the rest of the population, a significant expects the so-called "normalization", close my opinion, normalization of the Czech Republic after year 68 .Of course with completely different pozycji.Tak as at that time, will also include a free people. who will create such a "Charter 2023" expecting victory.

    I have the impression that these tribal wars we are completely exotic to the outside world and completely uninteresting.

    The accumulation of global crises, you know what, do not produce because impulse awansującego geopolitical position of the country shifted from "crumple zones"

    Empire definitively zone Good and even does not rule out move to a different zone Empire in exchange for Iran, for example, shift to a zone ID.

    Bredzę.Ale just a little bit.

    Do not get excited seriousness or the expiry of the national war plemiennej.Raczej I think the Fourth Republic have time again spóżniła.Nie develop language wings. This need to reject everything that the other parties are proposing, because only we know how to arrange this country is a result of that, I think, that we do not learn to work in schools (tests to check) or at work. I see in organizations, people care only about this, that they have not assigned blame for something. The Darwinian struggle for survival without empathy for colleagues. Only in the family can still count on the collaboration, well then you know how the PSL and nepotism.

    You can not see on the horizon any matter on which a cross-party consensus would be possible. In parts of the most important is the ability to win the rhetorical dispute that "I was on top". Invalid style, and the ultimate impact on the state. Do you see that everything can still have some residual respect for politicians?

    I watch political discussions in other TV (BBC, ARD) and do not see such a memorable and such an ignore / insult / ridicule opponent. It's something like a cult where you can only fully accept the terms set by the leader, or leave. (1. "There will have no other gods before me").

    In terms of internal in shipments (at least some) a kind of dictatorship / cult (at the end of the boss keeps the money and decides about the letters), and the democratically voters decide only that "dictator" wants most. I see it in black

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  • Congratulates one of the very few, deep analysis of our attitude to the problem of refugees. A few days ago I wrote to Gazeta Wyborcza comment exactly the same content, but not printed. I suppose in spite of serious human approach to refugees GW is too engagement marketing action Polish soldier in Karbala, which can be in its broader pronunciation compares to act on the island of Santo Domingo (now the Dominican Republic). Then, in the early nineteenth century by order of Napoleon tłumiliśmy rebellions of slaves. Despite this, many Poles (unlike the French) were allowed to stay and settle on the island - it was the gesture for decent behavior and not taking part in the massacres. Then Poland was not independent and the army had to obey orders issued in Paris. For the senseless and voluntary participation in the war in Iraq one of us settled and even attempted to do this, despite the fact that this scandal did not gave us any benefits and only contributed to the perception of Polish as a tool for shortsighted US policy and reduce the loan sympathy what we had on stage international. Nobody did, "mea culpa" for the introduction of psychosis carbide (Anthrax) where Saddam Hussein was hit Europe in 2002. Fruits of the war in Iraq and the Arab Spring are right now mature and Europe has a special reason to accept refugees from countries in which these two events affected. we are bound by the Geneva Convention to accept the refugees, we also dealt with issues of work and residence for foreigners (this year Poland will 500tys gave work permits to migrant workers). Parishes and local communities also report voluntarily willingness to accept refugees.

    The work of journalists is to identify the profile of refugees, the capacity of our communities to adopt them, how to seal the borders, the proposed changes in immigration policy and inform it of its readers. Instead

    The real problems are omitted in silence: tens of thousands of people breaking our laws fall on our territory without visas and required documents and authorities and EU officials to enforce existing laws instead prefer to teach (and sometimes threaten) their own communities. I think that is another important element in the process of alienation


    We are witnessing interesting the way propaganda war, the most comprehensive to date expression gave yesterday in "Die Welt" prof. Gross, abusing the Poles as no one ever have dared. We begin to have a worse press than IS.

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  • This methodology is called ,, pedagogy of shame "(one of its main ,, priests" JT Gross, whose disgusting remarks made to a German newspaper revealed yesterday GW). ,, We should accept them 'cause ... They deserve because ...

    As well we should be careful (and there are plenty of those in our country), that ,, we should be "from Germany and Austria and Russia for the occupation and destruction of war from Britain and France and the United States for treason in 1939 and 1945. The theory of guilt - because that colonial powers have created this problem - the artificial states in the Middle East (and in Africa) are quite well on the left side of the political spectrum. Just like ,, theory humiliation "of the Muslim world by Europeans. Both are quite ably exploited by the Islamic world. And what these countries have done to improve your status? What did to break its limitations? Nothing. Those who are fortunate enough to have oil money from the Middle Ages conserve at home (that's yet to be a claim as a finished oil), those who do not have it hold a grudge against the world. Symptomatic is the fate of Palestinians expelled by the Israelis in Palestine - in any country of settlement should not be made despite the 50? 60 years reside ,, his "everywhere they are strangers. I'm afraid that the Arabs (?) Muslims (?) Have problems of adaptation to the present. And it is possible a different approach - China experienced the humiliation and it is quite unique in history - a giant, extremely rich country, over the centuries which may be synonymous with progress was ransacked, incapacitated and flooded drugs by Europeans. The Chinese, however, have decided to erase this humiliation after the development work. They do not sit, do not talk ,, we should be. "

    That's right - we took voluntary participation in the aggression on Iraq. But what did ,, enlightened "media at the time? Sometime in the good old days when archives were free policy could be checked as such. The Lord wrote on the subject. Is he shouted Mr. ,, Leszek Aleksander Kwasniewski Milerze and do not go that way. " Usually, the dominant view ,, may neo-imperialist expedition but this is a chance for a better Middle East "Like ,, enlightened" media enjoyed that Arab tyrants fall. So far fragile sukcesik be declared in Tunisia because in Egypt uniformed company had to take his face. And Libya, Yemen or Syria? I've heard a lot about Syryjczykach, Erytrejczykach, fugitives from Libya, or even Albania. But Iraqis do not remember.

    I read about the war in Syria, where Kurds take part, the Government, Rebels and ISIS.

    I read about Libya, where rebels took part, Gaddafi's forces, and if I remember correctly France.

    But the fact is accept some of the responsibility.

    Exactly approximately: 180/295180

    This share was Polish troops in this war. Approximately 0.0006% of all troops.

    This will give us some 74 immigrants.

    (I take into account only the multiplicity of forces, as anyone has yet effectiveness is welcome)

    And now a little more seriously: There are plenty of arguments against accepting immigrants, such as security of citizens. Referring to one of them and it selectively allows us to not only understand nothing obscures even more difficult matter. It is sad that so few people approach this responsibly According to Mr. theory most societies over the borders of Europe should be sent back to the US because they were the main Devastator fragile governance of the Middle East. But there's the social miserable ...

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